Program Start Up

With a commitment to the growth and availability of cheerleading and associated dance, LUF offers a start-up and mentorship program for new teams. This program is designed to provide guidance, tools, resources and support to those who wish to offer a cheer or associated dance program in their school or community.

LUF’s Start Up Program provides the following:

  • Access to local credentialed coaches;
  • Guidance on program schedule, governing body registration, insurance, risk management, budgets, and program goals;
  • Resources such as access to uniforms and equipment;
  • Routine music and design; and
  • Mentorship and support through first season.

The Start Up Program supports the growth of affordable cheerleading in schools and in communities who currently do not offer accessible cheerleading programs, but who otherwise would if not for the lack of knowledge and resources.

LUF is committed to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada, specifically calls to action 87-91 regarding sport. This involves working with Indigenous communities to close gaps and remove barriers for Indigenous youth to participate in the sport of cheerleading. LUF

offers on reserve and in-community camps and clinics as well as a customized Start Up Program, which will be developed in close partnership with the community.  

Those interested in the Start Up Program can contact the LUF office to inquire abou tan introduction meeting and resource package.