Athlete Bursaries

The Lift Up Foundation (“LUF”) is committed to closing opportunity gaps, supporting the benefits of cheerleading & dance, and promoting the growth and development of athletes. Through program and corporate partnerships as well as available grants, LUF aims to provide full or partial paid bursaries for new and returning athletes who otherwise could not afford to take part in cheer or associated dance.

Application intake runs May through August of the coming competitive season. All applications will be reviewed by a committee and must meet the outlined criteria of the program. LUF cannot guarantee all applicants will receive support but are committed to supporting as many athletes as possible.

Consideration will be given to applicants’ preferred cheer/dance program though such preference will not be determinative of their placement.LUF is committed to working closely with all programs on placement of athletes to ensure that applicants will be matched with the program best suited for them. Final placement will be subject to program space availability, accessibility to the applicant, and other considerations.

The Athlete Bursary Program not only offers equal opportunity to athletes but supports the growth and sustainability of local cheer & dance programs.