Marcia Lucas - President Since 2006

Marcia Lucas has been a business owner and youth leader over the past 25 years. She has received an award for promoting human welfare from the former Governor, Cecil Underwood. A former student of Marshall University, she studied Greek and Art. Marcia is also a former 1st Runner Up of Mrs. West Virginia America and Winner of Mrs. Globe West Virginia in 2000.

Already an author, her published book is entitled, In Search of a Crown, Marcia has been working on a second book for the past several years, which has already incited interest from a prominent film producer (script and production tentative for 2013). Marcia’s diversions have included song writing, woodworking, restoration of historical structures, and portrait painting.

In the past, Marcia organized and participated in a Walk-A-Thon to benefit her community, personally walking 38 miles to raise funds for those in need. Marcia has pursued flight school and raised her children to expect to accomplish many such adventures; her son, Benjamin Aaron, was accepted to Marshall University at the age of only 16, but on January 13th of 2007, Marcia’s 3 children, Benjamin Aaron (19), Angel Ruth (17), and Quentin Davis (14) precious lives were taken in the Emmon’s Fire in Huntington West Virginia.

Marcia’s son Ben, had worked with her to write songs for the first annual Lift Up benefit, and he was an inspiration to so many with his desire to see children given hope. His music was his way of reaching out, and Marcia has worked to create a CD of Ben's music that will allow all to know her son's heart and desire to see children given hope and help.

The endeavor to see abused Orphans and other mistreated children cared for was a goal of her children and is a goal for Marcia.

Theme Song Recorded
Simply titled "Lift Up Song", this track was recorded in January 2008 @ Harvest Gospel Studio. Beginning with only words written by Marcia Lucas, recording artist John Eric Booth created a melody, arrangement, chord progression and vocals... all that very day! Hear the full track below...
"I'll Live Through My Songs"
The vocal track for "If I Die" was recorded by Benjamin Lucas on 9/9/2006, and not long after, he shared with his Mother a vision given to him by God, that he would die soon. The song was completed in January 2008 w/ enhanced music as well as vocal stylings provided by John Eric Booth.  Listen Below...

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